Stress Relief is one of the benefits of EFT but it can go much further!

I am pleased to share this testimonial with you from my client, Carol.   Before starting any tapping please read my disclaimer. 

I met Barbara during a tapping demonstration she did for an event I attended a year ago. I was well aware of the benefits of tapping and had used it on myself with relief from stress. But I never could stick with it and I felt I was working on the surface of my emotions. When I met Barbara it was like, “now I am ready to do some work” and the teacher appeared! I was ready to work on some deep seated issues that might help me get off some of my medications (rheumatoid arthritis medications and an antidepressant). I found Barbara to be very open and kind. As we worked together over time ( we meet on Skype) I began to work on my uncomfortable childhood memories that I never could have done on my own. I trust her and she is nonjudgmental. I have been able to feel the emotions, let them go and put them in a box to bury them. I’ve even been able to discontinue my antidepressants and experience orgasm’s for the first time in years ; ) I feel so fortunate to have met Barbara and do the spiritual and emotional work I need to do to help myself with my health condition so I can enjoy life to its fullest. Thanks so much Barbara. You are a blessing in my life. Carol from NH

It is a joy to work with Carol as I note each session she reports positive changes in her life.  Carol has medical professionals who she also works with on a regular basis for her medications.  I don’t recommend reducing medications and send my clients to medical professionals for their advice

.   If you have been tapping by yourself and are inconsistent so you are getting inconsistent results like Carol did, having an EFT Coach to work with may help you truly make the changes that you always wanted to make.  Call me today for your free 20 minute consultation.

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