Release the triggers of photos with EFT/tapping!

Several months ago one of my classmates from 6th grade posted our 6th grade group photo on Facebook.  As I looked,  I was really shocked and then saddened.  I didn’t have that photo as my family didn’t have the money to buy them and I don’t remember ever seeing it.  Oh boy, did I need to do some EFT/ tapping as I looked at the photo as I was anxious all of a sudden, shocked and saddened.  I could feel it in my chest and it was painful on many levels.

The photo was taken within the first year of moving with my family to North Conway, NH from Pennsylvania.  That was a tough time for many so I know I am not alone. However, at the time, I felt alone even though I was surrounded by 8 siblings and 2 parents.   We had moved in my 5th grade year in April and this was my 6th grade so it was the first year in a new place.

i was trying to fit in, I felt like a fish out of water, my clothes were different, my hair was different and I had an accent from Pennsylvania.  Plus I was preadolescence.  I shared my feelings with my mother that I wished we hadn’t moved and she reacted badly to my feelings.  I know now but didn’t realize then that she felt the same way.  She and my Dad were working and trying to make ends meet and were overwhelmed.  From that experience, I learned to keep certain feelings to myself (sometimes good and bad) which cost me in many ways through the years but I also learned to be self sufficient.  Speaking my truth is different these days as the tapping has changed my perspective and I find myself automatically speaking what is on my mind in a way that I feel heard.

When I looked at the picture I had 3 distinct memories come up that were bothersome to me and knew that I needed to do some taping to release the negative aspects of them and create balance.

Around the time that the picture was taken, I almost accidentally killed myself and my family by almost burning the house down in our first winter in NH.  I went to bed one night in the cold as our furnace had broken and my parents couldn’t afford to replace it at the time and we were using space heaters to keep warm.  I had one in my 3rd floor bedroom next to my bed.   I went to sleep and I presume when I went to sleep I accidentally hit the space heater that was in a chair next to the bed and it fell on my bed.  I was asleep and thank god that I have been a sleep talker all my life. Evidently,  I was talking in my sleep, “fire, there is a fire or words to that affect”,  and annoying my older sister who was in the other 3rd floor bedroom across the hall.   I annoyed her so much that she came storming in the bedroom to yell at me to “shut up”, when she discovered my bed was aflame.

She left me there (recently she told me that I looked awake but frozen and couldn’t move and she couldn’t get to me) and yelled for our Dad to come which he did by practically flying up the stairs with my brothers who picked up the mattress together, opened the window and threw the mattress out.  It was still smoldering the next morning in the NH snow.  I don’t recall actually how my dad got me out of the bed but he pulled me out and I don’t recall having any  burns.

If I had known about EFT or my family had known how we could process and resolve our negative feelings which in turn may have helped us make better decisions.  We would have been encouraged to speak our truth even if it was negative and learn self-care in a way that really works.  My energy system has been out of balance all these years from this event and tapping is perfect for balancing it and resolving any of my feelings of sadness, shame, shock and anxious feelings.  I can now look at the photo with self compassion for myself and all my classmates.  Plus I have great pride in how hard my parents worked to do what they thought was best.

When I saw the photo, which I have posted below. I am the third row down and second from the left.  I did some tapping on my own to the photo itself as tapping to photos is a perfect way to tap on your own but I knew I needed another EFT Practitioner to help me as I knew that this is one of those times when you need someone to help you.

Thank you, Jennifer Moore,  who worked with me on the memory of the fire and another memory with my other sister who yelled at me to “shut up” and kicked me when we were sharing a bed.  I had come down with appendicitis and was moaning in my sleep.  I was taken to the hospital and had my appendix out and when my sister woke up in the morning she found this out.  She felt guilty all these years and I have totally forgiven her but I have great compassion for her as she was only 8 or 9 years old and I was 11.

I also thank Becki Stevens, who worked with me on the incident with my mother and used a process called ” Matrix Reimprinting“.

After tapping on myself and working with these 2 highly qualified advanced EFT Practitioners over many months, when I look at the photo, I laugh because I realize that I have a similar hair style and part in the middle of my bangs.  I can truly say that this period of  my life has been truly resolved.   I know this because there are no triggers when looking at the photo, noticing the bangs and the part with laughter and have an appreciation for that time in my life.

The best gift we can give ourselves and our children is self-knowledge and power for self care.

I urge you to start teaching your children how to do this.  There are many EFT/tapping books on amazon to help your children but please get some professional guidance before you do tapping with your children.  I would say work with someone first so you can confidently tap with your children and teach them to tap so they can use it for themselves for school and all the number of things that are stressful.  However for an event, like a fire, accident or highly charged event reach out for a trained EFT Practitioner.

If you would like to have a private consultation to discuss how I can help you and/or your child please contact me today.


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