How to feel better fast using EFT!

We all want to feel better when we are upset, down, or feeling negative.  Not only do we want to feel better but we want to be able to know what our next step is.   We want our lives to change but we have been doing the same things over and over again. When we are stressed our brains don’t work really well and it is hard to figure out what to do.   I really can’t think of any solutions if I am upset.  I stay stuck on where I am.

I personally found that EFT or tapping is the quickest way to feel better fast.  It is amazing how after tapping, I am able to naturally think a solution.  Now, I also have been a follower of Abraham-Hicks teaching for a long time.   Abraham talks about allowing the past of least resistance or the path of allowing.   Abraham also talks about pivoting to the better feeling.   Abraham talks about it only takes 68 seconds to get the shift to start feeling better feeling thoughts.

This is where EFT or tapping comes in.   EFT is a great addition to listening to Abraham because the tapping helps to release the negative emotions that are in your way which helps you get into a positive vibration.  Abraham calls it being in your vortex.

Are you out of your vortex?  Would you like help in getting back on track and in your vortex?

I am using EFT and other coaching techniques for overwhelmed and stressed professionals who are not only feeling better but their lives are changing for the better.  Yesterday I had the privilege to work with one of my clients who is reporting that her challenges are getting less each week and she is getting use to the wins and expecting them that are happening daily!  Are you ready to make changes and allowing something better in your life?  Start right now, and call me today for your free confidential consultation!

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