My name is Barbara E. Belmont, and the owner of Belmont Coaching and Consulting Services.  I am so delighted to have you visit my blog!

As a relaxation coach and AAMET Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, I help my overwhelmed professional clients reduce overwhelm, calm their tough inner critic, increase their resilience to stress, move forward with confidence, communicate their needs without feeling guilty or selfish and bring about desired changes in their lives.

It is so wonderful to see the difference that EFT-Tapping makes for my client’s self esteem, confidence, their self image and ultimately their success in life.

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Barbara E. Belmont,   AAMET Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, B.S. S.W.

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  • I met Barbara during a tapping demonstration she did for an event I attended a year ago. I was well aware of the benefits of tapping and had used it on myself with relief from stress. But I never could stick with it and I felt I was working on the surface of my emotions. When I met Barbara it was like, “now I am ready to do some work” and the teacher appeared! I was ready to work on some deep seated issues that might help me get off some of my medications ( rheumatoid arthritis medications and an antidepressant). I found Barbara to be very open and kind. As we worked together over time ( we meet on Skype) I began to work on my uncomfortable childhood memories that I never could have done on my own. I trust her and she is nonjudgmental. I have been able to feel the emotions, let them go and put them in a box to bury them. I’ve even been able to discontinue my antidepressants and experience orgasm’s for the first time in years ; ) I feel so fortunate to have met Barbara and do the spiritual and emotional work I need to do to help myself with my health condition so I can enjoy life to its fullest. Thanks so much Barbara. You are a blessing in my life. Carol from NH


  • Barbara has helped me immensely. I knew after our first visit. We connected immediately. I had some major breakthroughs that she tapped on. She brought out more awareness and her soothing, comforting manner made it very easy to work with her and get past some struggles I didn’t know existed. I highly recommend her and feel grateful for all she has helped me with. It has given me more confidence and a better perspective on how to handle everyday life challenges. Thank you Barbara!   Samantha


  • I appreciate that Barbara is flexible and we get together for sessions on Skype.  One day I was not feeling well, so I stayed laying down for most of the session–and by the end, I felt so much lighter and better I was happy to sit up.  I’m certainly looking forward to more sessions!  I also notice an increased ease in speaking up, feeling more relaxed and more naturally showing myself in a wide variety of situations , from online dating, to marketing my business, to dealing with a very stressful legal matter.   I am so glad I met Barbara and chose her as an EFT coach and healer. Where I have stress and pain, she guides me to relief and ease, and I am so grateful. As I move forward in meeting life’s challenges and expand, in finances, career and sense of self, my old habit is to hide from difficulties and wounds. Barbara makes a safe space and helps me be real and honest, and that is such a relief! It has made a wonderful difference in my day-to-day experience of happiness and peace, and given me better connections with others. I really appreciate her experience, skill, commitment and gifts. Nancy Madlin Healer, writer Warwick, NY


  • Praises for Barbara Belmont and EFT which brought calmness and acceptance to my life.  Events that continued to trigger bad feelings have been removed leaving understanding and forgiveness. After many years of low self confidence, I have now improved my posture and speak with assurance.
  • Hi Barbara,

    I have waited to respond so I could really evaluate how effective my EFT sessions with you really were.  I am proud and happy to report that the effects have been long term.  I last saw you at the end of August and I am still enjoying the effects of the sessions.  I have not had to use the tapping technique more than a couple of times.  I am amazed that deep down issues, that I had no idea were affecting my eating habits, could be so effectively dealt with through EFT and have such lasting effects.  Thank you Barbara.  Feel free to use this email as a testimonial.  Pam


  • Before I started working with Barbara I had a number of recent events that were troubling me. I felt I had let myself down by not speaking up in a situation at my child’s school. I had also experienced times in the past where I had felt too anxious to express my views.With Barbara’s guidance I was able to discover the links to a time in my past when I was bullied as a teenager. As I began to revisit that time, reasons for the way I was behaving started to become clear. I was able to feel compassion for myself and realize that I can now safely express my opinion. Barbara is a compassionate, thoughtful and supportive EFT practitioner. Her gentle approach allowed me the freedom to make the connections I needed. Thank you so much Barbara for helping me rediscover my confidence. x


  • Comments from a “EFT for Stress Relief” Workshop hosted by the Victim Rights Unit of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Association of Michigan on September 18, 2015.   “Opened my eyes to something I would never consider doing before,” “I learned the importance of recognizing and dealing with the stress in my life,” “This was amazing, I was very skeptic and felt some changes immediately,” “I will use this at home and work,” “I learned how much our bodies and mind can heal or help themselves without medication,” “I have a hard time meditating.  I just can’t clear my mind.  This technique seemed easier for me to do and concentrate on,” “Very open to this new technique.   I felt a difference in what little we did.” ” I am really going to be able to use this to feel better.  I feel better right now!” “I learned that our body energy & chemistry is absolutely connected to our emotions.” “I stay positive most of the time but when the negativity takes over – I can allow it to consume me.  I feel that with the tapping and things you taught – I can release the negativity more quickly and move on and past it.”


  • I never really heard much about EFT.   I was asked to sign up for various workshops pertaining to crime victims and when I saw Barbara’s workshop I was intrigued.  For the past few years, I have been feeling weak and just weighed down emotionally.  What I looked at my face in the mirror, I saw a lot of turmoil in my eyes.  I didn’t know why, but I had the feeling it had to do with past experiences for when I looked at younger people, they had a certain spark in their eyes.  I too wanted that same spark and to feeling lighter emotionally.  So when I saw EFT, I knew this would be the something that would help to set these old feelings that tied me down, free. My first situation was with my employer who provided a very unhealthy work environment and did not respect their employees.  I tapped on several situations and I kid you not, the dynamics between me and the boss changed.  I was no longer uncomfortable when I was around that person.   I no longer weighed my words which made me look like an idiot for things never came out right.  I was asked to participate on several committees that were of high visibility, etc.  My childhood situations and family violence were really the boulders that have held me down all of my life.  I tapped on many situations and felt relief when my session was over.  I feel different, I felt like I had more energy, I had more mental clarity and I felt younger.  To be honest, when I looked at myself in the mirror I saw far less pain in my eyes.  I realized that I have more energy because I stopped weighing my words, and said what I thought.  I stopped worrying about what others thought and I started to care for myself before the others.  I also understand why I am open to bad behavior by other people and am starting to not feed into it and step back and realize they have the problem and not me.  With all the boulders being lifted, I changed my hair style.  I went from very long and boring hair to something short and sassy.  I also am contemplating a job change and have contacted someone to re-write my resume.  I just don’t think about the place anymore and think of myself first, It’s almost as if I was re-programmed.  EFT and Barbara helped me to feel like my ideal self again.  We worked many sessions and each one revealed something that I did not know was troublesome.  I wish I could tap with her every week.  But she has brought me to a good place and I’ll see where it leads me.  I will not say goodbye to Barbara, just until we see each other again.  One more thing, I can honestly say that I believe she felt my pain and because of her gift, she was able to help me immensely.  Thank you, Barbara.  Fondly, M.K.


  • Comments from attendees at a “Reduce our Stress with EFT”  workshop presented for Crime Victim Advocates, Law Enforcement, Correction Officers, Child Advocacy Centers, Prosecutors and Mental Health on June 5, 2015. “Very good, I plan to use it”,  “Great class but needs to be longer”, It’s very simplistic – very basic, but given how little people know about EFT it has to be.  It is a great introduction”.


  • My biggest struggle before I started my first session was that life had become unmanageable.  I was overwhelmed, under organized and not where I wanted to be in my business.  The main obstacle in my struggle was me.  I didn’t realize that I had a low self image of who I was and was riddled with doubt which affected every area of my life. (to read entire testimonial go to this link) Since working with Barbara Belmont, I have made several breakthroughs.  I wasn’t the easiest client to work with.    I avoided a lot of important things in life as they came up so there was a stretch of months between my first and second session.  The good thing is that after the first session, I had started to grow my team in my network marketing business, and sales were up.  Even still, there was a level of resistance.  The most significant changes that have occurred since working with Barbara is that my relationship with my mother is healing and deepening and is showing up in other areas of my life.  My life now is improving on a huge scale.  I’m not sure that I could move forward without these valuable and life saving tool that ultimately saved my marriage, helped me grow my self esteem and make it okay to be me.  I am healing, energy is flowing and I will be forever grateful that I have Barbara Belmont in my life as my friend and coach.  I trust her with her skill and her ability to help others heal.  My name is Joy A. Shaw of Glenville PA – I am an independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and Independent team beachbody coach.


  • “I don’t know where to begin when it comes to Barbara and her healing. Whether it was in my time of grieving when my mother passed away, or it was to attract the right kind of opportunities I coveted, Barbara has been a fantastic pillar of support through her healing. A very simple person, Barbara is selfless and very devoted. With each of her healing sessions, I found myself being more attuned to the universe’s messages to me, thereby finding my inner peace with ease”. K.J.


  • Barbara Belmont is a warm and grounded EFT coach. With her attentive listening and clear focus, I felt completely comfortable going deep into some old difficult memories and core beliefs. Barbara radiates compassion and sincerity. She offers a straightforward non-judgmental approach to tapping which makes addressing even the most challenging issues possible.  –J M


  • Every day at work I was overcome by a craving for sweets, especially chocolate.  Since attending a single workshop entitled “Freedom from Food Cravings” using EFT, when I feel that need for sugar, I recognize it for what it really is – a need to get away from whatever task I’m doing at the time. Now I can honor it, let it go and get on with my work.     — Pam LaCroix


  •  I attended an EFT cravings workshop last week.  I found it to be incredibly helpful, not only with reducing my cravings for potato chips, but with helping me release the tension I was carrying from built-up work related stress.  I am not one who usually does these kinds of workshops and I was a little hesitant to attend.  However, I am very glad I did.  Thanks, Barbara.  — Gina A.


  • I have had the privilege of working with Barbara Belmont over the last five months, in a series of regular EFT sessions. Our sessions have helped me to take my personal journey to an entirely different level, helping me to smooth out the obstacles to growing my business.With Barbara, I’m always surprised by how an issue that seems overpowering and insurmountable somehow becomes easily managed, and I’m left with the certainty that whatever it is, it’s going to be okay. My work with Barbara has been essential to my moving my business forward, and I feel immensely grateful to her. Thank you, Barbara.  Jude Fay, thisbusinessoftherapy.com


  • Barbara Belmont is an excellent coach and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. I have worked with her on a number of issues and highly recommend her. She has a unique ability to hone in on the problem, determine the core issue and then help her client move forward in new directions.   Through her 22 years working in the court system,  Barbara has learned to listen carefully to her clients, help them validate their own feelings and then make positive changes in their lives. It is a gift to work with Barbara.  Helen F.


  • Thanks to Barbara Belmont for her coaching on dental issues, specifically unpleasant memories from early dentist experiences. I just had a filling today, and it went very well! I did experience a few moments of nervousness before when I was waiting in the chair for the dentist and assistant to come in and then again right before the novocaine needle, but really not bad at all, and I thought to myself, “Even though I don’t like needles, I know this is going to help me!” My fear was less intense and less pervasive. I was also much less fidgety in the chair. I was much more relaxed! Thanks Barbara!  Alison B.


  • I am so grateful for Barbara’s capable and effective coaching. It was about 6 months ago that Barbara worked with me and my fear of the dentist. With Barbara’s guidance, I was able to recall experiences from my childhood that had left me intimidated and fearful of the dentist office and procedures. She helped me make a shift in one session, lowering my anxiety and fear. Recently, I went for a dental check up. I was amazed to realize that I had zero apprehension or anxiety. I was comfortable in every aspect of the experience! Even now! Thank you so much Barbara.” Carol Berry, Easthampton, MA